Solar Energy

ABP have been highly involved with all stages of the process and can offer expertise in all aspects of encorporating solar ennergy into your business.

Size30kWp50 kWp
Capital Cost£39,000£55,000
Area Required200M2330M2
Energy Output25,500 kWh42,000 kWh
FIT Rate11.71 p/kWh11.71 p/kWh
FIT Term20 Yrs RPI Linked20 Yrs RPI Linked
Export Tariff4.77 p/kWh4.77 p/kWh
Simple Payback7.5 Years6.5 Years
InflationFIT & @ 2%
Export Tariff @ 2%
Elec Prices @ 4%
FIT & @ 2%
Export Tariff @ 2%
Elec Prices @ 4%
Annual kWh Degradation0.5% per Year0.5% per Year
Year 1 Profit Pre Interest
FIT (£)2,9864,918
Exported Electricity (£)6081,002
Electricity Savings inc. CCL (£)1,3442,214

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