New Countryside Stewardship Launched

New Countryside Stewardship Launched

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The New Countryside Stewardship has been launched and it is non-competitive. The scheme is a simplified version of the mid-tier scheme and is made up of 4 options;

  • Online Arable Offer
  • Lowland Grazing Offer
  • Upland Offer
  • Mixed Farming Offer
The new, simpler, scheme is open to applications, the online Arable offer will be open from 20th February 2018.

Applications deadline is the 31st July 2018, with the deadline for application pack requests 31st May 2018.

This scheme is non-competitive, this means that if your application meets the requirements it should be accepted, these new agreements will start on 1st January 2019. Schemes will last 5 years.

You must meet the minimum requirements, however, there is no limit to the number of options you can enter into your package.

Not all of your land parcels have to be included in the application, you are able to select the parcels that work best for you. For more information you can view our January Stewardship update here.

Interested? To find out more please contact Alex Olivant on 01636 705817 or send an email to